Zombie Props at Halloween Connection. From home haunts to professional haunted houses, we have all of the Halloween props, accessories, costumes and display items needed to make your Zombie house or Apocalypse themed holiday realistic and scary!
Hanging Bloody Zombie Torso
Cut off mid-torso with pieces dangling down
Ghost Face Zombie - Collector Edition
Classic Ghost Face Costume
Ghost Face Bleeding Zombie Mask
Gory effect!
Bump and Go Zombie
A sound-activated roaming zombie!
Creepy Hanging Zombie
Bloody skeleton face and bony hands!
Baby Girl Zombie
Creepy zombie girl prop
Day of the Dead Zombie Mask
Classic skull design over the head latex mask
Zombie Clown Animated Prop
Six feet tall!
Product is out of stock
Zombie Garden Gnome
Hand painted!
Walking Dead Biter Walker Face
Truly creepy!
Walking Dead Bloated Walker Mask
Look like your favorite zombie from The Walking Dead!
Flesh Eating Zombie Mask
Create your own zombie costume beginning with this creepy mask!
Heartless Animated Prop
Bloody Frightronic Prop by Distortions!
Clawing Animated Corpse
Great for your next Halloween gathering!
Headless Zombie Ground Breaker
A must-have for your haunted graveyard scene!
Death Rising Animated Prop
Amazingly detailed animated corpse that appears to be coming out of the ground!
Twitching Zombie Prop – Animated
Dead Debbie Prop
Watch out, she's armed!
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