Stationary Props

Alien Child in Jar
Handmade in USA
Product is out of stock
Alien Death Prop
Sculpted by Jordu Schell, one of Hollywood's best F/X artists.
Alien – Foam Filled
Approximately 4 1/2 feet tall!
7' long. Cast from a real alligator!
Anatomical Life Size Skull Model
Made by Anatomical Chart Company
Baby Stinky
Oh, he's so ... UGLY!
Bagged Bloody Body
Posable full size body
Balancing Clowns
Nine Feet Tall!
Bloody Ivan
YIKES! You won't find this guy at your local party store!
Bloody Resin Skull
Buffalo Skull
Life size latex buffalo skull with flex foam backing
Cemetery Entry
Real wrought iron professional cemetery entry
Come Out and Play
Bursting out of the grave!
Cow Skull
Life size - approximately 18" tall
Cut Off Head
Hide in your refrigerator, cupboard or other location!
Dead Prince
Lifting himself out of the grave!
Freddy Krueger Collector's Bust
Perfect for the horror collector!
Perfect for your graveyard/cemetery scene!
Ghosts Inflatable Prop
Six feet tall!
Giant Clown Head
Measures 48" wide and 36" high!
Giant Rat
The "little" brother of our Monster Rat - he's 44" long and 16" wide!
Grim Reaper Flame
Scary wall hanging for parties & haunted houses
Half Column
Top it off with our Gatekeeper (G105) for an impressive Gothic scene.
Halloween Treats
Makes a great centerpiece. Over 22" wide and 12" tall!
Hand Painted Haunted Halloween Crow
Haunted Doll - Hellequin
With sound!
Haunted Doll with Sound
Product is out of stock
Haunted Tree
Very creepy and unique! Stands 6' tall!
Product is out of stock
Inflatable Wicked Reaper
Lights up and self-inflates in seconds!
Product is out of stock
It's Not Dead
Rising from the grave!
Jack the Scarecrow
Over six feet tall - very menacing in your graveyard or pumpkin patch!
Jack's Back
Life-size corpse appears to have resurrected out of the grave!
Perfect traditional style
Just Waiting
Rising out of the grave! Professional quality horror latex prop.
Large Skull Plaque
Over three feet wide!
Large Terror Gargoyle
Over 30" tall!
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