Stationary Props

Alien Death Prop
Sculpted by Jordu Schell, one of Hollywood's best F/X artists.
Alien – Foam Filled
Approximately 4 1/2 feet tall!
7' long. Cast from a real alligator!
Anatomical Life Size Skull Model
Made by Anatomical Chart Company
Baby Stinky
Oh, he's so ... UGLY!
Balancing Clowns
Nine Feet Tall!
Blank Body Buddy
Create your own custom zombie, monster or other creature!
Blank Body Buddy - Posable
Fully posable - create your own custom zombie or monster
Blank Body Buddy - Posable & Self Standing
Self standing - posable with stand!
Bloody Resin Skull
Buffalo Skull
Life size latex buffalo skull with flex foam backing
Cemetery Entry
Real wrought iron professional cemetery entry
Chucky Doll
Seed of Chucky - with the actual Good Guys Box!
Cobra Skeleton
Measures 39 inches x 4 inches
Cow Skull
Life size - approximately 18" tall
Cut Off Head
Lifelike addition for every haunt!
Decaying Pose-N-Stay Skeleton
Poseable arms and legs
Perfect for your graveyard/cemetery scene!