Product IDProduct Name Price  
3rd Hand Candy Bowl
Awesome illusion - scariest bowl around!
Product is out of stock
Bloody Razor Blade Illusion - Set of Two
Snap on your finger or toe to freak out your friends!
DFBM304 - M
Chompers Big Mouth Tattoo
Bizarre look - easy to apply
RU-56645 - M
Cut Off Head
Lifelike addition for every haunt!
CCPET20157SM - M
Deadly Doll Dog Costume
What a hoot!
5146005 - M
Demon Head Clinger
Demon character sits on your shoulder!
15-055 – M
Disappearing Dagger
Gives the illusion that the blade has been thrust into the victim's body
FM-67417 – M
Furry Mouse - Wind Up Action
Very realistic
DFXS407 - M
FX Transfers Squirm 3D Professional Tattoo
Make 'em squirm!
DFXM517 - M
FX Transfers Staplestein 3D Professional Tattoo
Great special effect
SS81732 - M
Help Me Shower Curtain
Surprise your house guests!
FW-9566HH - M
Hole in Head - FX Kit
Instant gore and hideousness!
SS88332 – M
Machete Killer Shower Curtain
A great haunted scene decoration!
Novelty Handcuffs with Two Keys
The perfect accessory for a sheriff or police costume!
UA-26 - M
Nude Bodysuit
Just add our Lady Godiva wig and you'll be set for the party!
FM-67388 – M
Pregnant Belly
Surprise your friends!
KA-137 – M
Snake Potato Chips
Startle your friends!
KA-109 - M
Snake Surprise Candy Can
Classic gag