Latex Props

Baby Stinky
Oh, he's so ... UGLY!
Cannibal Meat Market Brain
Brains anyone?
Cut Off Finger
Give 'em the finger!
Dead Debbie Prop
Watch out, she's armed!
“Making Monsters” Alien Prop
Sculpted by Jordu Schell for the Travel Channel's "Making Monsters"
Alien – Foam Filled
Approximately 4 1/2 feet tall!
Cannibal Meat Market Foot Horror Prop
Wrapped like real meat in the butcher shop!
Product is out of stock
Alien Death Prop
Sculpted by Jordu Schell, one of Hollywood's best F/X artists.
Zombie Baby
This is one ugly little booger!
Ed Head Prop
The perfect addition to your Halloween table!
Zombie Baby Zack Latex Puppet
The cutest little zombie you've ever seen!
Little Shop of Horrors Man-Eating Plant Deluxe Hand Puppet
“Feed Me!”
Product is out of stock
Rancid Rudy Pig Head
Off with his head!
Rancid Rudy Whole Butchered Pig
Rudy, our very realistic, custom made, hand-painted life-size pig has been...
Rancid Rudy Half Slab Fresh Butchered Pig
Life-size half slab of freshly butchered pig - A great gory movie prop!
Rancid Rudy Half Slab Roasted Pig
Very realistic, custom made, hand-painted life-size Half Slab of Roasted Pig
Rancid Rudy Zombie Pig
Very realistic life-size Zombie Pig!
Product is out of stock
Fresh Meat
Realistic and gory!
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