Latex Props

It's Not Dead
Life-size corpse rising from the grave!
Jack the Scarecrow
Over six feet tall - very menacing in your graveyard or pumpkin patch!
Jack's Back
Life-size corpse appears to have resurrected out of the grave!
Jack-in-the-Box Panel
Buy four (4) to make a large Jack-in-the-Box.
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Perfect traditional style
Jester Bobble Head
Stands 52" tall! Moving head bobs when touched.
Just Waiting
Rising out of the grave! Professional quality horror latex prop.
Meat Market Hand Horror Prop
Wrapped like real meat in the butcher shop!
Monster Prop
Looks as if he's ready to come alive!
Monster Rat
Huge snarling rat!
Monster Torso
Excellent prop for a mad scientist scene!
Rancid Rudy Half Slab Fresh Butchered Pig
Life-size half slab of freshly butchered pig - A great gory movie prop!
Rancid Rudy Half Slab Roasted Pig
Very realistic, custom made, hand-painted life-size Half Slab of Roasted Pig
Rancid Rudy Pig Head
Off with his head!
Rancid Rudy Whole Butchered Pig
Rudy, our very realistic, custom made, hand-painted life-size pig has been...
Rancid Rudy Zombie Pig
Very realistic life-size Zombie Pig!
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Shorty the Clown
50 inches tall! Perfect for your haunted house, yard haunt or attraction.