Animated Props

Animated Caged Clown Walk-Around
Product ID : MR-123360 – M
Walk-Around cage contains a creepy laughing clown that rocks back and forth!
Animated Caged Kid Walk-Around
Product ID : MR123358 - M
Cause some nightmares with Caged Kid Walk-Around!
Animated Peeping Zombie
Product ID : HE-1170
Check out our video!
Animated Towering Boogey Man with Kid
Product ID : MR-124445 - M
Animated Boogeyman is 7 feet tall!
Cagey the Clown with Girl – Animated
Product ID : MR-124622 – M
7’ tall - He loves laughing & playing with kids!
Clown Go-Round Animated Prop
Product ID : MR-124530 - M
Add an eerie feel to your Halloween scene!
Cold Storage Room Kit with Kicking Corpses
Product ID : CSR
Complete Cold Storage Body Room Kit
DIY Kicker
Product ID : DK002
Our exclusive do-it-yourself kicker
Fresh Meat - Animated
Product ID : HE3340 - A
Wiggles and swings! Check out our video!
Fun House Tilting Barrel Clown
Product ID : CP2500
Our Fun House Tilting Barrel Clown is 12 feet tall!
Gasping Gus Barrel Kit
Product ID : GGB210
Barrel Kit for Gasping Gus
Ghostly Go-Round Animated Prop
Product ID : MR-124448 - M
3 forgotten dolls from yesteryear riding a merry-go-round for eternity
Impaled Iggy
Product ID : IFK400
Whoops, he slipped!
Jumping Barrel
Product ID : HE1910
Bounces so much it looks like its going to fall over!
Jumping Barrel Clown
Product ID : CP2700
When approached, barrel jumps up and down!
Jumping Barrel Kit
Product ID : BK100
The original Jumping Barrel Kit!
Kicker Hook-Up Kit
Product ID : KHUK100
Everything you need to activate your kicker!
Kicker Hook-Up Kit with PIR
Product ID : KHUK101
Everything you need to activate your kicker with PIR
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