Animated Props

Animation Maestro I
Extreme Scare Action!
Animation Maestro II
Extreme Scare Action! 11 minutes of programming time.
MP3 Maestro Stereo Sound Module
One button push interfacing for connecting sound to your prop or light show
Zombie Animated Fog Creature
Bilious Animated Zombie Fog Creature!
Kicker Hook-Up Kit
Everything you need to activate your kicker!
Kicker Hook-Up Kit with PIR
Everything you need to activate your kicker with PIR
Jumping Barrel Kit
The original Jumping Barrel Kit!
Killer Jumping Clown Prop
Creepy little clown jumps out at guests while laughing at them
Animated Caged Clown Walk-Around
Walk-Around cage contains a creepy laughing clown that rocks back and forth!
Animated Caged Kid Walk-Around
Cause some nightmares with Caged Kid Walk-Around!
Swinging Happy Homicide Clown Doll – Animated
Create a fright fest with Swinging Happy Homicide Clown Doll!
See Saw Clowns Animated Prop
Vintage clown dolls slowly riding up and down
See Saw Dolls Animated Prop
Forgotten and forsaken ...
Twitching Ghoul Animated Prop
72" tall! He makes disgusting sounds - truly horrifying!
Gasping Gus Barrel Kit
Barrel Kit for Gasping Gus
Jumping Barrel
Bounces so much it looks like its going to fall over!
Cagey the Clown with Girl – Animated
7’ tall - He loves laughing & playing with kids!
Animated Towering Boogey Man with Kid
Animated Boogeyman is 7 feet tall!
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