Do It Yourself

3-D Glasses / 1 Pair
Free Shipping!
Bag of 24 Black Spiders
Spider Web
Super Stretchy!
Spider Leaf Bag
Huge - very cool yard decoration!
Giggle Wiggle Face Mold
Great addition to Halloween party table!
Realistic Roaches (Bag of 80)
Create your own roach covered props
Maggots - Glow in the Dark
48 icky, sticky pieces in each package!
Zombie Blood
One pint of dark, rich, red blood
Hot Blood - Non-Toxic Resin “Blood” Sticks
Non-toxic resin “blood” sticks for hot glue gun/crock melt
Fluorescent Paint - Pint
Create your own 3-D effects!
Hot Glow Sticks for Glue Gun - 10 Pack
Create your own awesome glow-in-the-dark effects!
Strobe Linking Cable
Linking cable connects multiple strobe lights
Fluorescent Paint - Quart
Create your own 3-D effects!
Stone Wall Backdrop
Great backdrop for photos
Scenic Blood
Realistic deep and rich blood effect!
Fluorescent Paint - 1/2 Gallon
Create your own 3-D effects!
Animation Maestro PIR Trigger
Passive infrared motion detector, triggers the Maestro into action.
Fog Machine with Wireless Remote – 400w
Activate from 30 feet away!