Clown Props

Balancing Clowns
Product ID : BC100
Nine Feet Tall!
Clown Wall Plaque
Product ID : CT01
Over 12" tall and hand painted
Evil Clown Costume
Product ID : UR-28600 – M
Beware of this clown!
Product is out of stock
Evil Clown Costume – Oversized
Product ID : TA-110 – M
This is one creepy clown!
Fun House Tilting Barrel Clown
Product ID : CP2500
Our Fun House Tilting Barrel Clown is 12 feet tall!
Giant Clown Head
Product ID : CT-11
Measures 48" wide and 36" high!
Giant Jester Head
Product ID : CT09
Three-dimensional - Hang from the ceiling for a very creepy clown effect!
Hanging Evil Clown with Light-Up Eyes
Product ID : VA-969 – M
Evil smiling clown with light-up LED eyes
Haunted Doll Clown
Product ID : MR122718 – M
With sound!
Jack-in-the-Box - Animated
Product ID : CT20
Larger than life Jack-in-the-Box - top pops open to reveal a scary jester clown!
Product is out of stock
Jack-in-the-Box Panel
Product ID : CT19
Buy four (4) to make a large Jack-in-the-Box.
Product is out of stock
Jester Bobble Head
Product ID : CT16
Stands 52" tall! Moving head bobs when touched.
Jumping Barrel
Product ID : HE1910
Bounces so much it looks like its going to fall over!
Jumping Barrel Clown
Product ID : CP2700
When approached, barrel jumps up and down!
Jumping Clown
Product ID : HE1030
Video - He jumps out of his seat to scare passersby!
Kill Joy Clown Costume
Product ID : MR-148458 – M
Sure to satisfy your kill joy cravings!
Killer Clown Wall Mount
Product ID : CT18
Life-size Killer Clown head appears to be coming out of the wall!
Leaping Shorty Clown
Product ID : CT03A
Leaps up and out approximately six feet to greet your guests with a wicked...