Haunted Dolls

Haunted Dolls
Cracked Victorian Doll
The perfect addition to any haunted house or horror-themed party!
Creepy Kicking Doll - Animated
Scary dolly is having a temper tantrum!
Grim Girl Doll
Dreadful doll with light up eyes
Haunted Doll - Hellequin
He talks!
Haunted Doll Charlie
Give him a new home...if you dare!
Haunted Doll Clown
With sound!
Haunted Doll with Sound
This doll does not like tea parties!
Product is out of stock
Haunted Doll – Little Precious
Give her a new home ... if you dare!
Lil Sweet Vengeance
Hell hath no fury like a little girl scorned
Swinging Doll – Animated
Your haunted house will never be the same with this doll!
Product is out of stock
Swinging Happy Homicide Clown Doll – Animated
Create a fright fest with Swinging Happy Homicide Clown Doll!
Zombie Baby
This is one ugly little booger!
Baby Girl Zombie
Creepy zombie girl prop
Chucky Doll
Seed of Chucky - with the actual Good Guys Box!
Product is out of stock