Halloween Decorations

“Making Monsters” Alien Prop
Over 5'6" tall!
Balancing Clowns
Nine Feet Tall!
Tiny Terror - Unlikely Pair
Ms. Lovit & Sweeny together! Discount pricing
Cemetery Entry
Real wrought iron professional cemetery entry
Not So Identical Twin Clowns
Mamma's boys
Rancid Rudy Whole Butchered Pig
Rudy, our very realistic, custom made, hand-painted life-size pig has been...
Rancid Rudy Zombie Pig
Very realistic life-size Zombie Pig!
Product is out of stock
Tiny Terror - Two Faced
Brand new creepy oddity
Tiny Terror - Mr. Big
He may be small, but he's the boss!
Necro Biter Standing
Bloody and gory!
Tiny Terror - Dr. Brain Damage
The doctor will see you now
Tiny Terror - Ms. Lovit
She loves her some Sweeny!
Tiny Terror - Sweeny
Ms. Lovit! He's out for blood, but she doesn't mind
Tiny Terror – Well Hung Again
Comes with his own little talking jester hanging from a noose!
Peeled Pete
Bloody, ripped open, life-size body.
Skull Bobble Head
Stands 52" tall! Moving head bobs when touched.
Chopped Up Charlie
High quality whole chopped up bloody, gory body!
Clown Go-Round Animated Prop
Add a haunting eerie feel to your Halloween scene!