Halloween Decorations

Jack-in-the-Box Panel
Buy four (4) to make a large Jack-in-the-Box.
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Perfect traditional style
Killer Clown Wall Mount
Life-size Killer Clown head appears to be coming out of the wall!
Large Dog Skeleton
Large canine skeleton
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Large Skull Plaque
Over three feet wide!
Large Terror Gargoyle
Over 30" tall!
Large Terror Gargoyle with Wings
36" tall with a huge wingspan!
Large Window with Sconce
Looks great with Small Terror Gargoyle sitting on sconce!
Last Whistler
Inspired by a true Masterpiece but with a morbid twist of horror
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Machete Killer Shower Curtain
A great haunted scene decoration!
Maggots - Glow in the Dark
48 icky, sticky pieces in each package!
Mangled Torso
Warning: Not for the faint of heart! Gory, graphic and highly detailed.
Meat Market Hand Horror Prop
Wrapped like real meat in the butcher shop!
Moaning Lisa
Morbid Masterpiece
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Monster Rat
Huge snarling rat!
Necro Biter Standing
Bloody and gory!
Necro Biter Torso
Realistic blood & gore!
New Born Evil in Jar
Hand made in USA