Graveyard Props

Anatomical Life Size Skull Model
Made by Anatomical Chart Company
Angel Proline Tombstone
Lightweight and durable, hand poured, professional quality tombstone
Animated Peeping Zombie
Check out our video!
Animated Talking Grim Reaper
Life-size talking skeleton!
Product is out of stock
Bloody Resin Skull
Bucky Skeleton
Very realistic adult anatomical model skeleton
Product is out of stock
Buffalo Skull
Life size latex buffalo skull with flex foam backing
Cemetery Entry
Real wrought iron professional cemetery entry
Cemetery Entry Gate
Fits our Cemetery Entry (HE1292)
Cemetery Plot Fence
Made of real wrought iron
Come Out and Play
Bursting out of the grave!
Cow Skull
Life size - approximately 18" tall
Cross Proline Tombstone
Professional quality tombstone; lightweight, durable, hand poured
Cross Proline Tombstone Base
Gives that finished, professional touch!
Dead Prince
Lifting himself out of the grave!
Death Rising Animated Prop
Amazingly detailed animated corpse that appears to be coming out of the ground!
Eternal Slumber Tombstone
Two piece tombstone
Franken-Bucky Skeleton
Eight feet tall! Extremely rare. Last one in stock!
Product is out of stock
Gargoyle Column
Create an impressive Gothic scene!
Gargoyle Ornate Tombstone
Two piece polystyrene tombstone
Perfect for your graveyard/cemetery scene!
Gothic Proline Tombstone
Lightweight and durable, hand poured, rigid urethane tombstone
Half Column
Top it off with our Gatekeeper (G105) for an impressive Gothic scene.
Hand Painted Haunted Halloween Crow
Haunted Tree
Very creepy and unique! Stands 6' tall!
Product is out of stock
Headless Zombie Ground Breaker
A must-have for your haunted graveyard scene!
Impaled Iggy
Whoops, he slipped!
It's Not Dead
Rising from the grave!
Jack the Scarecrow
Over six feet tall - very menacing in your graveyard or pumpkin patch!
Jack's Back
Life-size corpse appears to have resurrected out of the grave!
Just Waiting
Rising out of the grave! Professional quality horror latex prop.
Large Dog Skeleton
Large canine skeleton
Product is out of stock
Large Terror Gargoyle
Over 30" tall!
Large Terror Gargoyle with Wings
36" tall with a huge wingspan!
Maggots - Glow in the Dark
48 icky, sticky pieces in each package!
Phantom Reaper Fogger Accessory
Very spooky looking!
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