Graveyard Props

Proline Tombstone Base
Professional touch!
Scarecrow - Fully Animated
This is beyond creepy! Slowly raises its head, then thrashes wildly.
Small Terror Gargoyle
Great for your graveyard/cemetery scene!
Small Terror Gargoyle with Wings
Excellent for graveyard scenes, and on top of buildings and pillars
Standing Ivan
Stands 74" tall!
Still Not Dead
Bursting out of the grave!
The Last Ride
On sale! Buried Alive!
Tilting Monument
9' tall & looks as if it is going to fall over!
Tombstone Base
Fits our Angel (RTS4), Columns (RTS6) and Death Boat (RTS5) tombstones!
Wretched Reaper Fog Creature
Prepare to meet your doom!
Zombie Animated Fog Creature
Bilious Animated Zombie Fog Creature!
Zombie Baby
This is one ugly little booger!
Bag of Bones
Twelve pounds of assorted 4th quality bones
Big Head Skull
Scary - over 17" tall!
Freaked Out
This corpse is coming to get you!
Skull and Crossbones Proline Tombstone
Lightweight and durable, hand poured, professional quality tombstone
Crawling Skeleton
Crawling out of the grave!
Female Corpse
55" tall and fully posable!