Gothic Decorations & Props

Gargoyle Column
Create an impressive Gothic scene!
Perfect for your graveyard/cemetery scene!
Gothic Proline Tombstone
Lightweight and durable, hand poured, rigid urethane tombstone
Grim Reaper Flame
Scary wall hanging for parties & haunted houses
Half Column
Top it off with our Gatekeeper (G105) for an impressive Gothic scene.
Large Skull Plaque
Over three feet wide!
Large Terror Gargoyle
Over 30" tall!
Large Terror Gargoyle with Wings
36" tall with a huge wingspan!
Large Window with Sconce
Looks great with Small Terror Gargoyle sitting on sconce!
Medieval Stocks
Great for dungeon/torture scenes!
Soft Shackles - great for dungeon/torture scenes
Small Skull Plaque
Perfect for walls or doors in your scary scene!
Small Terror Gargoyle
Great for your graveyard/cemetery scene!
Small Terror Gargoyle with Wings
Excellent for graveyard scenes, and on top of buildings and pillars
Small Window with Shelf
Great for Gothic scenes
Tilting Monument
9' tall & looks as if it is going to fall over!
Product is out of stock
Forgotten Prisoner - Animated
Sure to cause nightmares!
Small Skull Pile
A good addition to any graveyard scene