Do It Yourself

Strobe Linking Cable
Product ID : EST-10MONO
Linking cable connects multiple strobe lights
Fluorescent Paint - 1/2 Gallon
Product ID : FPHG102
Create your own 3-D effects!
Fluorescent Paint - Gallon
Product ID : FPG103
Create your own 3-D effects!
Zombie Blood
Product ID : FW-9626 - M
One pint of dark, rich, red blood
Animation Maestro I
Product ID : AM-1300
Extreme Scare Action!
Blank Body Buddy - Posable
Product ID : BB100
Create your own custom zombie or monster - fully posable!
Animation Maestro II
Product ID : AM1310
Extreme Scare Action! 11 minutes of programming time.
Animation Maestro PIR Trigger
Product ID : PIR100
Passive infrared motion detector, triggers the Maestro into action.
MP3 Maestro Stereo Sound Module
Product ID : SM1310
One button push interfacing for connecting sound to your prop or light show