Do It Yourself

Pumpkin Leaf Bags - Set of Three
Includes 1 - 36" x 30" pumpkin bag and 2 - 30" x 24" pumpkin bags!
Spider Leaf Bag
Huge - very cool yard decoration!
Zombie Blood
One pint of dark, rich, red blood
Blank Body Buddy - Posable
Create your own custom zombie or monster - fully posable!
MP3 Maestro Stereo Sound Module
One button push interfacing for connecting sound to your prop or light show
Animation Maestro II
Extreme Scare Action! 11 minutes of programming time.
Animation Maestro I
Extreme Scare Action!
Animation Maestro PIR Trigger
Passive infrared motion detector, triggers the Maestro into action.
Jumping Barrel Kit
Strobe Linking Cable
Linking cable connects multiple strobe lights