Clown Props

Animated Caged Clown
Caged Walk-Around contains a little laughing clown that rocks back and forth!
Balancing Clowns
Nine Feet Tall!
Cagey the Clown with Girl – Animated
7’ tall - He loves laughing & playing with kids!
Carver the Killer Clown Costume
Scared of clowns? You will be!
Child’s Creepy Clown Costume
Collar has cool glow-in-the-dark skulls at the ends
Clown Wall Plaque
Over 12" tall and hand painted
Evil Clown Costume
Beware of this clown!
Evil Clown Costume – Oversized
This is one creepy clown!
Fun House Tilting Barrel Clown
Our Fun House Tilting Barrel Clown is 12 feet tall!
Giant Clown Head
Measures 48" wide and 36" high!
Giant Jester Head
Three-dimensional - Hang from the ceiling for a very creepy clown effect!
Hanging Evil Clown with Light-Up Eyes
Evil smiling clown with light-up LED eyes
Haunted Doll Clown
With sound!
Jack-in-the-Box - Animated
Larger than life Jack-in-the-Box - top pops open to reveal a scary jester clown!
Product is out of stock
Jack-in-the-Box Panel
Buy four (4) to make a large Jack-in-the-Box.
Product is out of stock
Jester Bobble Head
Stands 52" tall! Moving head bobs when touched.
Jumping Barrel
Bounces so much it looks like its going to fall over!
Jumping Barrel Clown
When approached, barrel jumps up and down!
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