Bloody Gory Props

Bagged Bloody Body
Posable full size body
Bloody Ivan
YIKES! You won't find this guy at your local party store!
Bloody Resin Skull
Cannibal Meat Market Brain
Brains anyone?
Cannibal Meat Market Foot Horror Prop
Wrapped like real meat in the butcher shop!
Product is out of stock
Cannibal Meat Market Heart Horror Prop
This gory latex heart prop is wrapped like real meat in the butcher shop!
Cannibal Meat Market Leg Horror Prop
Wrapped like real meat in the butcher shop!
Chopped Up Charlie
High quality whole chopped up bloody, gory body!
Cold Storage Room Kit with Kicking Corpses
Complete Cold Storage Body Room Kit
Cut Off Head
Hide in your refrigerator, cupboard or other location!
Dead Debbie Prop
Watch out, she's armed!
Fresh Meat
Realistic and gory!
Fresh Meat - Animated
Wiggles and swings! Check out our video!
Ghost Face Bleeding Zombie Mask
Gory effect!
Hanging Bloody Zombie Torso
Cut off mid-torso with pieces dangling down
Headless Zombie Ground Breaker
A must-have for your haunted graveyard scene!
Heartless Animated Prop
Bloody Frightronic Prop by Distortions!
Knife – Bleeding
A truly gory accessory!
Machete Max
Talk about a splitting headache!
Mangled Torso
Warning: Not for the faint of heart! Gory, graphic and highly detailed.
Meat Market Hand Horror Prop
Wrapped like real meat in the butcher shop!
Monster Torso
Excellent prop for a mad scientist scene!
Necro Biter Standing
Bloody and gory!
Necro Biter Torso
Realistic blood & gore!
Peeled Pete
Bloody, ripped open, life-size body.
Rancid Rudy Animated Zombie Pig
Watch your guests freak out when he comes at them!
Rancid Rudy Half Slab Fresh Butchered Pig
Life-size half slab of freshly butchered pig - A great gory movie prop!
Rancid Rudy Half Slab Roasted Pig
Very realistic, custom made, hand-painted life-size Half Slab of Roasted Pig
Rancid Rudy Pig Head
Off with his head!
Rancid Rudy Whole Butchered Pig
Rudy, our very realistic, custom made, hand-painted life-size pig has been...
Rancid Rudy Zombie Pig
Very realistic life-size Zombie Pig!
Product is out of stock
Scenic Blood
Realistic deep and rich blood effect!
Shock Therapy
Seven foot tall monster is electrocuted!
Standing Ivan
Stands 74" tall!
Suicide Scenario
Extremely realistic - not for the faint of heart!
Tortured Legs
Realistic looking lower body with intestines hanging out!
Twitching Zombie Prop – Animated
Vertical Vinnie
One half of life-size bloody body!
Autopsy Vest
Open it up to reveal the disgusting human innards!
Butcher Shop Sign
Great prop!
Product is out of stock
Hot Blood - Non-Toxic Resin “Blood” Sticks
Non-toxic resin “blood” sticks for hot glue gun/crock melt
Product is out of stock
Zombie Blood
One pint of dark, rich, red blood
Bloody Zombie Door Cover
Help me!
Ed Head Prop
The perfect addition to your Halloween table!
Stage Blood
Non-toxic viscous life-like blood!
Bloody Monster Mirror Cling
Cool and inexpensive way to scare your guests!
Cut Off Finger
Give 'em the finger!