Bloody Gory Props

Bagged Bloody Body
Product ID : BB121
Posable full size body
Bloody Ivan
Product ID : HL1004
YIKES! You won't find this guy at your local party store!
Bloody Resin Skull
Product ID : HE-0919
Cannibal Meat Market Brain
Product ID : FT-13620 – M
Brains anyone?
Cannibal Meat Market Foot Horror Prop
Product ID : FT13622 - M
Wrapped like real meat in the butcher shop!
Product is out of stock
Cannibal Meat Market Heart Horror Prop
Product ID : FT13623 - M
This gory latex heart prop is wrapped like real meat in the butcher shop!
Cannibal Meat Market Leg Horror Prop
Product ID : FT13636 - M
Wrapped like real meat in the butcher shop!
Chopped Up Charlie
Product ID : BB125
High quality whole chopped up bloody, gory body!
Cold Storage Room Kit with Kicking Corpses
Product ID : CSR
Complete Cold Storage Body Room Kit
Cut Off Head
Product ID : RU-56645 - M
Hide in your refrigerator, cupboard or other location!
Dead Debbie Prop
Product ID : DU-2280 – M
Watch out, she's armed!
Fresh Meat
Product ID : HE3340
Realistic and gory!
Fresh Meat - Animated
Product ID : HE3340 - A
Wiggles and swings! Check out our video!
Ghost Face Bleeding Zombie Mask
Product ID : FW-8930 – M
Gory effect!
Hanging Bloody Zombie Torso
Product ID : SS-87144 – M
Cut off mid-torso with pieces dangling down
Headless Zombie Ground Breaker
Product ID : FM-58329 - M
A must-have for your haunted graveyard scene!
Heartless Animated Prop
Product ID : DU-2633 - M
Bloody Frightronic Prop by Distortions!
Knife – Bleeding
Product ID : BE60 – M
A truly gory accessory!
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