Animated Props

Animated Peeping Zombie
Check out our video!
Animated Spider with Long Legs
Long legged spider with moving legs
Animated Talking Grim Reaper
Life-size talking skeleton!
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Bump and Go Zombie
A sound-activated roaming zombie!
Cagey the Clown with Girl – Animated
7’ tall - He loves laughing & playing with kids!
Cauldron Creeper – Animated
72" tall - check out the video!
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Clown Go-Round Animated Prop
Add a haunting eerie feel to your Halloween scene!
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Cold Storage Room Kit with Kicking Corpses
Complete Cold Storage Body Room Kit
Creepy Cathy – Animated
This creepy little zombie girl is coming to get you!
Death Rising Animated Prop
Amazingly detailed animated corpse that appears to be coming out of the ground!
Die Zombie Die Animated Prop
This zombie twitches and moans in pain but just won't die!
Forgotten Prisoner - Animated
Sure to cause nightmares!
Fun House Tilting Barrel Clown
Our Fun House Tilting Barrel Clown is 12 feet tall!
Furry Mouse - Wind Up Action
Very realistic
Gasping Gus
Guess the gas mask didn't help ...
Gasping Gus Barrel Kit
Barrel Kit for Gasping Gus
Ghostly Go-Round Animated Prop
3 forgotten dolls from yesteryear riding a merry-go-round for eternity
Heartless Animated Prop
Bloody shocking prop!
Impaled Iggy
Whoops, he slipped!
Jack-in-the-Box - Animated
Larger than life Jack-in-the-Box - top pops open to reveal a scary jester clown!
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Jumping Barrel
Bounces so much it looks like its going to fall over!
Jumping Barrel Clown
When approached, barrel jumps up and down!
Jumping Clown
Video - He jumps out of his seat to scare passersby!
Leaping Shorty Clown
Leaps up and out approximately six feet to greet your guests with a wicked...
Machete Max
Talk about a splitting headache!
Monster Machine Gun
Very startling, loud and effective for scares or scenes
Prized Possession Doll
This little bundle of evil has a face only a demon could love!
Psycho Ward Room Kit
Complete Psycho Ward Room Kit - Check out the frenzy in our video!
Rancid Rudy Animated Zombie Pig
Watch your guests freak out when he comes at them!
Rat Trap – Animated
Not for the squeamish! Over 4 feet long!
Rocking Moldy Mommy
Hauntingly creepy mother and child, locked in their last embrace for all...
Scarecrow - Fully Animated
This is beyond creepy! Slowly raises its head, then thrashes wildly.
See Saw Dolls Animated Prop
Forgotten and forsaken ...
Product is out of stock
Shock Therapy
Seven foot tall monster is "electrocuted"!
Spider Food Kicker
Fully automated!
Spider Food Room Kit
Complete Spider Food Body Room Kit
Suicide Scenario
Extremely realistic - not for the faint of heart!
Sweet Dreams Animated Clown
Towering seven feet tall! Terrifying!
Swinging Doll – Animated
Your haunted house will never be the same with this doll!
Swinging Hangman Kicker
Full live cast body kicks, creating a realistic motion of a just hanged man
Swinging Skeleton Boy
Great addition to your haunt!
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Tilting Monument
9' tall & looks as if it is going to fall over!
Twitching Clown Animated Prop
This is one creepy clown!
Twitching Ghoul Animated Prop
He makes disgusting sounds of the undead - truly horrifying!
Twitching Zombie Prop – Animated
Truly Disturbing!
Undead Cathy Hanging Head
Meet Undead Cathy ...
Zombie Animated Fog Creature
Bilious Animated Zombie Fog Creature!
Zombie Clown Animated Prop
Six feet tall!
Product is out of stock
Field Machine Gun
Sounds and looks like the real thing!
Tiny Terror - Dead Eye Animated Prop
Shotgun wielding hillbilly!
Fresh Meat - Animated
Wiggles and swings! Check out our video!
Jumping Barrel Kit
Psycho Clown Storage Room Kit
Complete Room Kit - includes seven clowns!
Psycho Kicker Clown
Super scary & built to last!