Animated Props

Product IDProduct Name Price  
Animated Peeping Zombie
Check out our video!
SS-81086 – M
Animated Spider with Long Legs
Long legged spider with moving legs
Animated Talking Grim Reaper
Life-size talking skeleton!
Product is out of stock
MR-123123 – M
Bump and Go Zombie
A sound-activated roaming zombie!
MR-124622 – M
Cagey the Clown with Girl – Animated
7’ tall - He loves laughing & playing with kids!
MR127029 – M
Cauldron Creeper – Animated
72" tall - check out the video!
Product is out of stock
MR-124530 - M
Clown Go-Round Animated Prop
Add a haunting eerie feel to your Halloween scene!
Product is out of stock
Cold Storage Room Kit with Kicking Corpses
Complete Cold Storage Body Room Kit
DU2009 – M
Creepy Cathy – Animated
This creepy little zombie girl is coming to get you!
DU-2627 - M
Death Rising Animated Prop
Amazingly detailed animated corpse that appears to be coming out of the ground!
DU-2620 – M
Die Zombie Die Animated Prop
This zombie twitches and moans in pain but just won't die!
Forgotten Prisoner - Animated
Sure to cause nightmares!
Fun House Tilting Barrel Clown
Our Fun House Tilting Barrel Clown is 12 feet tall!
FM-67417 – M
Furry Mouse - Wind Up Action
Very realistic
Gasping Gus
Guess the gas mask didn't help ...
Gasping Gus Barrel Kit
Barrel Kit for Gasping Gus
MR-124448 - M
Ghostly Go-Round Animated Prop
3 forgotten dolls from yesteryear riding a merry-go-round for eternity
DU-2633 - M
Heartless Animated Prop
Bloody shocking prop!
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