Animated Props

Furry Mouse - Wind Up Action
Very realistic
Animated Spider with Long Legs
Long legged spider with moving legs
Animation Maestro PIR Trigger
Passive infrared motion detector, triggers the Maestro into action.
Undead Cathy Hanging Head
Meet Undead Cathy ...
Animation Maestro I
Extreme Scare Action!
Bump and Go Zombie
A sound-activated roaming zombie!
Prized Possession Doll
This little bundle of evil has a face only a demon could love!
Zombie Animated Fog Creature
Bilious Animated Zombie Fog Creature!
MP3 Maestro Stereo Sound Module
One button push interfacing for connecting sound to your prop or light show
Animation Maestro II
Extreme Scare Action! 11 minutes of programming time.
Swinging Doll – Animated
Your haunted house will never be the same with this doll!
Jumping Barrel Kit
Swinging Skeleton Boy
Great addition to your haunt!
Product is out of stock
Zombie Clown Animated Prop
Six feet tall!
Product is out of stock
Animated Talking Grim Reaper
Life-size talking skeleton!
Product is out of stock
See Saw Dolls Animated Prop
Forgotten and forsaken ...
Product is out of stock
Twitching Clown Animated Prop
This is one creepy clown!
Twitching Ghoul Animated Prop
He makes disgusting sounds of the undead - truly horrifying!
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