Animated Props

Animated Talking Grim Reaper
Life-size talking skeleton!
Product is out of stock
Animation Maestro I
Extreme Scare Action!
Animation Maestro II
Extreme Scare Action! 11 minutes of programming time.
Jumping Barrel Kit
Fun House Tilting Barrel Clown
Our Fun House Tilting Barrel Clown is 12 feet tall!
Jumping Barrel Clown
When approached, barrel jumps up and down!
Cold Storage Room Kit with Kicking Corpses
Complete Cold Storage Body Room Kit
Psycho Clown Storage Room Kit
Complete Room Kit - Includes seven clowns!
Leaping Shorty Clown
Leaps up and out approximately six feet to greet your guests with a wicked...
Jack-in-the-Box - Animated
Larger than life Jack-in-the-Box - top pops open to reveal a scary jester clown!
Product is out of stock
Forgotten Prisoner - Animated
Sure to give you nightmares!
Twitching Zombie Prop – Animated
Die Zombie Die Animated Prop
This zombie twitches and moans in pain but just won't die!
Death Rising Animated Prop
Amazingly detailed animated corpse that appears to be coming out of the ground!
Heartless Animated Prop
Bloody Frightronic Prop by Distortions!
Gasping Gus Barrel Kit
Barrel Kit for Gasping Gus
Gasping Gus
Guess the gas mask didn't help ...
Animated Peeping Zombie
Check out our video!
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