Animated Props

Suicide Scenario
Extremely realistic - not for the faint of heart!
Sweet Dreams Animated Clown
Towering seven feet tall! Terrifying!
Swinging Doll – Animated
Your haunted house will never be the same with this doll!
Swinging Hangman Kicker
Full live cast body kicks, creating a realistic motion of a just hanged man
Swinging Skeleton Boy
Great addition to your haunt!
Product is out of stock
Tilting Monument
9' tall & looks as if it is going to fall over!
Twitching Clown Animated Prop
This is one creepy clown!
Twitching Ghoul Animated Prop
He makes disgusting sounds of the undead - truly horrifying!
Twitching Zombie Prop – Animated
Truly Disturbing!
Undead Cathy Hanging Head
Meet Undead Cathy ...
Zombie Animated Fog Creature
Bilious Animated Zombie Fog Creature!
Zombie Clown Animated Prop
Six feet tall!
Product is out of stock
Field Machine Gun
Sounds and looks like the real thing!
Tiny Terror - Dead Eye Animated Prop
Shotgun wielding hillbilly!
Fresh Meat - Animated
Wiggles and swings! Check out our video!
Jumping Barrel Kit
Psycho Clown Storage Room Kit
Complete Room Kit - includes seven clowns!
Psycho Kicker Clown
Super scary & built to last!