Animated Props

Kicking Zombie
High quality kicking zombie!
Killer Jumping Clown Prop
Creepy little clown jumps out at guests while laughing at them
Leaping Shorty Clown
Leaps up and out approximately six feet to greet your guests with a wicked...
Life Size Jumping Clown
Full size clown jumps out of his seat to scare passersby!
Machete Max
Talk about a splitting headache!
Monster Machine Gun
Very startling, loud and effective for scares or scenes
Psycho Clown Storage Room Kit
Complete Room Kit - includes seven clowns!
Psycho Kicker Clown
Super scary & built to last!
Psycho Ward Room Kit
Complete Psycho Ward Room Kit - Check out the frenzy in our video!
Scarecrow - Fully Animated
This is beyond creepy! Slowly raises its head, then thrashes wildly.
See Saw Clowns Animated Prop
Vintage clown dolls slowly riding up and down
See Saw Dolls Animated Prop
Forgotten and forsaken ...
Shock Therapy
Seven foot tall monster is "electrocuted"!
Spider Food Kicker
Fully automated!
Spider Food Room Kit
Complete Spider Food Body Room Kit
Suicide Scenario
Extremely realistic - not for the faint of heart!
Swinging Hangman Kicker
Full live cast body kicks, creating a realistic motion of a just hanged man
Swinging Happy Homicide Clown Doll – Animated
Create a fright fest with Swinging Happy Homicide Clown Doll!