Wet T-Shirt Costume
Win every contest in this outrageous costume!
Snake Potato Chips
Startle your friends!
Voice Modifier
Voice changer speaker with microphone
Bloody Monster Mirror Cling
Cool and inexpensive way to scare your guests!
Bag of 24 Black Spiders
Pregnant Belly
Great gag prop!
Realistic Roaches (Bag of 80)
Create your own roach covered props
Slammy the Clown Window Poster
An incredibly easy way to transform the look of your house!
Product is out of stock
Cut Off Finger
Give 'em the finger!
Maggots - Glow in the Dark
48 icky, sticky pieces in each package!
Spike Through the Head Prop
Looks real - great to fool your friends!
Product is out of stock
Novelty Handcuffs with Two Keys
The perfect accessory for a sheriff or police costume!
Creepy Crawler Pack
3rd Hand Candy Bowl
Awesome illusion - scariest bowl around!
Bloody Razor Blade Illusion - Set of Two
Snap on your finger or toe to freak out your friends!
Surprising Leg
Place this fake leg anywhere you want to get double-takes!
FX Kit - Hole in Head
Instant gore and hideousness!
Ed Head Prop
The perfect addition to your Halloween table!