The Last Ride
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Price: $4,495.00
Product ID : LRFL105
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The Last Ride coffin is our original simulated ride, designed to create the experience of actually being buried in the ground alive. As you enter the casket and lie down, the lid closes. Once the lid is closed, the fear of the dark enclosure instantly consumes you. Next, you hear the voices, and feel the motions of two gravediggers putting you in a hearse. The storyline continues with a wild road trip to the grave they have already dug for you. During this chilling ride, one experiences four distinct scents: roses, exhaust, dirt and, well, the lingering odor of a rotting corpse. There are air ticklers, vibrations, and, of course, the rapid pneumatic motion of the entire coffin. One of the coolest aspects is that everyone can see the "victim's" reaction with the infrared camera mounted inside the coffin. This ride is designed to make money at theme parks, attractions, concerts, haunts and fairs, as well for private parties. It has been on the market as our best seller for over 11 years, and is currently in theme parks in nine countries (multiple language options available upon request). From amusement parks to home haunters, it is the center of attention, and the press cannot resist coming out to feature it when used as clever gorilla marketing. It is made from solid oak and pine trim wood by our in-house wood maker. NOTE: Each Last Ride coffin is custom built to order. Please allow 4 - 5 weeks for delivery within the Continental United States.

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