Graveyard Props

Gargoyle Column
Product ID : CL10
Create an impressive Gothic scene!
Gargoyle Ornate Tombstone
Product ID : MR-122595 – M
Two piece polystyrene tombstone
Product ID : G105
Perfect for your graveyard/cemetery scene!
Gothic Proline Tombstone
Product ID : RTL20
Lightweight and durable, hand poured, rigid urethane tombstone
Half Column
Product ID : FC10
Top it off with our Gatekeeper (G105) for an impressive Gothic scene.
Hand Painted Haunted Halloween Crow
Product ID : HHC99
Haunted Tree
Product ID : BS13
Very creepy and unique! Stands 6' tall!
Product is out of stock
Headless Zombie Ground Breaker
Product ID : FM-58329 - M
A must-have for your haunted graveyard scene!
Impaled Iggy
Product ID : IFK400
Whoops, he slipped!
It's Not Dead
Product ID : H11
Rising from the grave!
Jack the Scarecrow
Product ID : P18
Over six feet tall - very menacing in your graveyard or pumpkin patch!
Jack's Back
Product ID : H24
Life-size corpse appears to have resurrected out of the grave!
Just Waiting
Product ID : H13
Rising out of the grave! Professional quality horror latex prop.
Large Dog Skeleton
Product ID : CHD2L
Large canine skeleton
Product is out of stock
Large Terror Gargoyle
Product ID : GL303-L
Over 30" tall!
Large Terror Gargoyle with Wings
Product ID : GL303-LW
36" tall with a huge wingspan!
Maggots - Glow in the Dark
Product ID : 09-2563
48 icky, sticky pieces in each package!
Phantom Reaper Fogger Accessory
Product ID : MR127003 – M
Very spooky looking!