Suicide Scenario

Suicide Scenario
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Price: $694.95
Product ID : HE2500
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This is not for young children or the weak of heart! Actor puts gun in mouth or under the chin and "blows out the back of their head" splashing it on the wall or window behind them. Very realistic! Recycles the fluid back for minimal refilling and maintenance. Used as an entire room scene, the shock of your guests will create a lasting effect. When used as gorilla marketing for your haunted attraction, party, corporate event, or just to scare the folks down the block, it will never let you down. Beware when using in a haunted attraction; the local news may come down to find out what the buzz is about. Includes: Prop pump action shotgun, valves, fittings, Animation Maestro with Maestro MP3 (with shotgun soundtrack), actor trigger, and air tank pre-wired and programmed. All the plumbing and check valves also included. What you will need for hook-up is a square reservoir bucket, flexible gutter, and chair for actor (and a background window works best). Exclusive Haunted Enterprises creation. Made in USA.

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