Bloody Gory Props

Machete Max
Talk about a splitting headache!
Mangled Torso
Warning: Not for the faint of heart! Gory, graphic and highly detailed.
Meat Market Hand Horror Prop
Wrapped like real meat in the butcher shop!
Monster Torso
Excellent prop for a mad scientist scene!
Necro Biter Standing
Bloody and gory!
Necro Biter Torso
Realistic blood & gore!
Peeled Pete
Bloody, ripped open, life-size body.
Rancid Rudy Animated Zombie Pig
Watch your guests freak out when he comes at them!
Rancid Rudy Half Slab Fresh Butchered Pig
Life-size half slab of freshly butchered pig - A great gory movie prop!
Rancid Rudy Half Slab Roasted Pig
Very realistic, custom made, hand-painted life-size Half Slab of Roasted Pig
Rancid Rudy Pig Head
Off with his head!
Rancid Rudy Whole Butchered Pig
Rudy, our very realistic, custom made, hand-painted life-size pig has been...
Rancid Rudy Zombie Pig
Very realistic life-size Zombie Pig!
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Scenic Blood
Realistic deep and rich blood effect!
Shock Therapy
Seven foot tall monster is electrocuted!
Standing Ivan
Stands 74" tall!
Suicide Scenario
Extremely realistic - not for the faint of heart!
Tortured Legs
Realistic looking lower body with intestines hanging out!